228 Wishart Road WISHART


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    Property is currently listed at Above Offers Over $679,000

    Deposits are not payable until a contract is executed. Most sellers judge the strength of an offer by the size of deposit committed by a purchaser. The deposit can not be greater than 10% of the offer price by law. Note: Your deposit is deducted from the sale price at settlement.

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    This form is not a legally binding contract to purchase the property. It is the start of the process. A contract to purchase the property must be signed by you and the property owner/s to finalise your purchase. Coronis representatives will be in touch upon receipt of this form to continue the process. Your offer is only disclosed to the Coronis team and the owner of the property. The details of your offer will not be disclosed to any other interested parties. You will receive a copy of your the details you have provided either by SMS or email.

    The amount of deposit can not exceed 10% of your offer price. It is not payable until you execute the contract of sale. It is a good idea to make your deposit at least 5% of the offer amount. This makes your offer more attractive to the owner. The deposit amount forms part of the purchase price at settlement.

    I/We request and consent to this offer being submitted to the property owner. I/We confirm that if accepted I/We will sign a contract to purchase the property on the same terms and conditions submitted in this form.